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Dangerous OTC Medicine Combos You Need to Know

Medicine is very important when it comes to dealing with diseases and buying is definitely one of the things you will have to do. Having their information before you can buy medicine is very important. There where to buy is always a very big question, and over-the-counter is one of the places where people by drug products. The danger of over-the-counter medicine is the fact that you can easily buy it without any prescription from your doctor. When it comes to OTC, there is a level of risk which is lesser compared to prescription drugs that you also need to be very careful. Discovering more about DDI or contractor drug interaction is very important therefore because of safety issues.

You want to know more about these drugs therefore because it will help you to avoid risks. For example, it is likely that you know more about aspirin and ibuprofen which are over-the-counter medicine. Most of the other people close to 30 million in the US take aspirin when it comes to preventing heart disease. Most of the people also use it without any prescription when it comes to pain relief and because of anti-inflammatory effects. Additionally, it also has blood thinning effects which are known to prevent blood clot. You also want to be very careful about the other side effects including stomach upset, abdominal pain, rashes, and many more.

You also want to read more now about aspirins and other NSAIDs which might include diclofenac, indomethacin and piroxicam. Combining this with aspirin is definitely a good because the aspirin becomes less powerful. Another OTC medicine you can buy is aspirin and antacids. Antacids is good when it comes to managing acid reflux, or heartburn, is any pain in the stomach and so on. This combination is not good because it is also reduces the effectiveness of aspirin.

Additionally, Antihistamines and cough relievers are also very common today. They are best when it comes to allergies. It is dangerous because it can cause sleeplessness and drowsiness. Another dangerous option that you can go for today is Antihistamines and muscle relaxants. This is because will cause the same effects of drowsiness and sleeplessness. Also take your time to visit this website to learn more about phenylephrine medication. You want to take the right dose if you are cold or a stuffy nasal passage.

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